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Our Story

The Turtle Bracelets Story

We started Turtle Bracelets because we believe bracelets have the power to be more than fashion accessories. Our bracelets don’t just look good on your wrist — they make an impact by giving back to help our planet. With the largest ever decline in sea turtle populations, rising ocean levels, and a fragile atmosphere, we are in the midst of one of the biggest planetary crises since the beginning of Earth.


Our Mission

Bracelets can be powerful accessories when they stand for a cause. When you wear a Turtle Bracelet, you are wearing love for our planet. That’s because at no extra cost to you, we are committed to donating 10% of net proceeds from our bracelets to three causes:

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Climate resiliency
  • Sea turtle conservation

Funds donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, also known as LDF, will go towards projects that restore key ecosystems in order to mitigate climate change. LDF also invests in research to develop renewable energy solutions for a greener planet.


Turtle Turnaround

And of course, at Turtle Bracelets we care about sea turtles. With all the pollution, entanglement with fishing traps, and killing of turtles for eggs and shells, humans are now contributing to the unprecedented decline of sea turtle populations globally.

Charlie founded Turtle Bracelets to put an end to this trend. Humans have been the cause of sea turtle endangerment, but we strongly believe people can help save the sea turtles too.

A portion of the funds donated from our bracelets will also go toward sea turtle conservation efforts by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. With a Turtle Bracelet, you won’t just look good, but you will feel good knowing that your purchase is helping us build a more sustainable planet for all.

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